About us

We are a firm specialized in accounting, payroll and tax services. With over 10 years of experience, our company is considered one of the most reliable in Passaic and surrounding areas.

We offer solutions that fit not only the client’s requirements, but also their budget. At Mexico Mágico, we have a great team that works to provide exceptional services to our clients.


Monica Barajas, proudly Mexican, started in the industry in 1996 as a promoter in a money transfer company, where she began working on the subject of taxes and companies. Monica’s goal has always been to support and highlight Mexican and Latino culture. MÉXICO MÁGICO was born in 2007 as a company solely for taxes.

Our name comes from the idea of ​​wanting to attract the Mexican community in NJ, in order to strengthen Hispanic culture and ties in the Passaic sector and its surroundings. We wanted that when they heard about México Mágico they felt comfortable and identified with the name, that they felt proud of their roots. Although our target audience seemed to be only Mexican, we soon began to welcome all kinds of nationalities, focused on advising the Latino community.

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Efrain Vicencio

Accountant expert
Office: (973) 815-0032 ext.2
Fax: (973) 815-0338
Email: efrainvicencio@mexicomagicoinc.com
228 Monroe St, Passaic NJ 07055

Monica Melendez

Tax Professional
Office: (973) 815-0032 ext. 5
Fax: (973) 815-0338
Email: monica@mexicomagicoinc.com
228 Monroe St, Passaic NJ 07055

Hector Melendez Jr

Payroll Expert
Office: (973) 815-0032 ext. 6
Fax: (973) 815-0338
Email: hector@hmpayroll.net
228 Monroe St, Passaic NJ 07055